MotoKaya ( CEVDET KAYA )
1960 , he was born in Istanbul. In 1973 he became a rider with his first motorbike. Almost thirty years he is riding on motorcycles. Just because he has the same feelings on the seat, in 1989, aimed to give the chance to the ones who come from long distances and don't have motorcycle, he changed his profession and started to rent motorcycles in a touristic place in Kemer - Antalya.
Since then, he started to organized trips for the local or foreign tourists who have the enthusiasm riding on the mountains and even him self joined some of them. Regarding his organizations nobody had bad time or technical problems. At the end of the camps and mountain trips everybody had more or less the same satisfaction.
Taking the advantage of his experience he enlarged his motorcycle fleet. Now he has YAMAHA XT 600 E , TT 600 E , XT 500 , Dragstar , HONDA Transalp , different brands of 125 cc's and scouters.

The biggest advantage of the ones who rented motorcycles from him is; they could get service for 24/7 and whatever happens they were able to complete the target course. Also map using explained information about the local off-road sites, commonly required information which is done by Cevdet Kaya makes the trips joyful.
He traveled all around Turkey with his favorite 1980 model YAMAHA XT 500. Also with the same XT 500 he crossed Europe from Bulgaria , Romania , Ukraine , Slovakia , Poland , Germany , Holland , Belgium , France , Austria , Italy and Yugoslavia.
After all the experiences he got from those tours now he started to organize trips in Turkey that he would lead. About those tours, holding the priority on riders satisfaction and safety and have the same enthusiasm, became a passion for Cevdet Kaya.